Where we are and what we do: Major Service Sites with Volunteer Opportunities

Little Sisters -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
In 1999, Little Sisters rented a house in an economically distressed neighborhood in South Philadelphia to assess the communities needs. Taking part in the thrilling development of a new Little Sisters Program, volunteers help to strengthen a local community in a city that is otherwise known for its universities, museums and rich American history.

Pernet Family Health Service --Worcester, Massachusetts
For more than 30 years, Little Sisters have provided health and social services in Worcester. Currently, Pernet serves more than 240 pregnant and parenting women, many of them teenagers. The certified home health care agency reaches out to the needs of the community with a staff of nurses, physical therapists and social workers. Professionals educate families in childcare and home management skills and bring people together in the Family Life Program. While living in scenic New England, volunteers can choose from a variety of opportunities tailored to their gifts and talents.
Project Hope -- Dorchester, Massachusetts
With a rich history in a now economically poor neighborhood, Little Sisters have been part of this community for over 52 years. Little Sisters opened their doors to create a Family Emergency Shelter for eight homeless mothers and their children. Soon Little Sisters initiated a Cooperative Housing Program, aimed at building and sustaining a stable and productive neighborhood. Today, Little Sisters continue to redevelop the neighborhood and build a strong community in collaboration with other organizations. In addition, Little Sisters offer adult learning classes towards the General Education Diploma (GED) and help young mothers gain skills to succeed in today's job market. Other programs include childcare and an Emergency Food Pantry that feeds more than 150 families every month. Volunteer opportunities are plentiful in this community just outside Boston.
LSA Family Health Service -- East Harlem, New York
Founded in 1958, the home health agency works with impoverished families. Registered nurses and social workers provide home visits and early childhood development programs. The Family Life Program offers parenting classes, summer outings and English as Second Language classes. An Advocacy Program helps families in crisis through the red tape of housing, welfare and immigration departments, and makes referrals for education, job training and substance abuse programs. Our Emergency Food Pantry provides more than 18,000 meals a year. The Sharing Place, the only cooperative thrift store in the neighborhood, supplies inexpensive clothing and other items. A wide range of opportunities awaits the volunteer ready to live in one of the Big Apples last true neighborhoods.

Newburgh Ministry--Newburgh, New York
This community center, housed on the first floor of an old factory, brings the people of the neighborhood together. Part of an interfaith community, Little Sisters help to operate a thrift store and offer childcare, advocacy, telephone service, tax preparation assistance, and adult education including English as a Second Language. Volunteers are welcome to participate in all areas of service and to live overlooking the Hudson River.

LSA Volunteer Office -- Manhattan, New York
Located in Manhattan, the Volunteer Office does not provide direct service. Instead it facilitates the running of the Little Sisters of the Assumption Volunteer program. Volunteers working in this office gain experience in the administration of a not-for-profit organization. Depending on a persons abilities, volunteer opportunities range from clerical to research and planning projects for future fundraising campaigns and special events. Volunteers, accommodated in East Harlem, can combine administrative work with service in their local community.

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