Venerating the saints

JEFFERY SHELER CLOSES HIS ARTICLE on the veneration of saints ["Worship of Saints Evolved Over the Ages," January 11] with the conclusion that "without saints, sanctity could too easily be viewed as a mere abstraction." Not only did U.S. News offer a fascinating and respectful assessment of the collaboration between scientific professionals and the Catholic Church but you remind a community of readers that life is informed and transformed by forces other than the invisible powers and principalities of the free market. (I must admit that canonization proves an expensive venture.) Saint makers in the United States testify that grace abounds even in a culture that Pope John Paul II describes as marked by death and greed. Ordinary people who work
passionately for civil rights, racial equality, access to health care, and living wages embody Gods grace with us.

Little Sisters of the Assumption New York

From U.S. News and World Report
"Letters to the Editor"
January 24th, 1999

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