MutualityIn Action
I eventually left Pernet and have since become an advocate for social change in regards tohousing and homelessness. I currently work to change public policy. Once I had a very long conversation with Sr. Margaret Leonard, LSA and I found out what it was that wasso different about Sr. Kathleen and all the staff at Pernet. It's called mutuality. Mutualityis relating to another by seeing them as a person--not seeing one or the other in a role.When we see each other's personhood, and when two people come together intentionallyfor change, both are transformed -- the exchange is mutually beneficial.
Mutuality is my new world. I will continue to promote mutuality through action and wordsWhen I left Pernet, I knew I would always tell people about my good experiences there.When my friends need a visiting nurse I tell them they should go to Pernet.Thank you for giving me the privilege of sharing my story.

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