MutualityIn Action
At times, I was very discouraged and even thought about leaving the program. I felt that I had given my wholeheart to these children but almost nothing ever seemed to come back. But what kept me going were the Little Sisters, newly made friends, the Pernet staff - and my own determination to keep going.
After a while, most of the teen began to relate to me. Problems with individuals were discussed and most of thembegan to make remarkable steps in their lives. They grew as I did - by overcoming jealousies, personal fears, andself-consciousness. Some even volunteered to help me out with groups of younger children in another program!
As I come to the end of my term of service as a Little Sister of the Assumption Volunteer, I realize that myworking for the Pernet Family Health Service and living in community with other Volunteers filled me up soentirely that I never even got homesick! I learned to live humbly, with my talent as a musician and the love of the people around me as my constant companions.
I know that these 11 months have given me much more than two semesters at a university could ever have givenme; I now feel much more ready to resume my studies. I believe I have a broader sense of "what's going on" inour society; I now feel that every citizen is in some way or other responsible for everything in this world. It is everyone's duty to do something to make this world a better place. My message: don't be afraid to give a darn!
Lukas OldenburgLSAV 10/99 - 10/00